Monday, June 3, 2013

Art to Transport the Soul

'Colors of My Mind' - 30x40 in., acrylic fiber paper on canvas.

'Four Day Rider' - 30x40 in., acrylic, fiber on canvas.

'Horse and Rider' - 40x50 in., acrylic on canvas.

'Sunspots' - 30x40 in., acrylic, fiber paper on canvas.
I want the canvas to sing, to create a 'color sound' that will envelope the viewer - a perfect acoustic marriage of color and form. I want my art to cause a spell that transports the soul. Color that penetrates and surrounds the viewer in a state of ecstasy: a removal of now into suspension of time and place.
The true miracle of art is being able to transport and transcend our moments into timeless wonder.