Monday, November 25, 2013

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive !!

Again, it's my great pleasure and privilege to present my 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau label and poster design commissioned by Les Vins Georges Duboeuf ! My design was unveiled at Sherry-Lehmann  Thursday November 21 where my dear friend, Franck Duboeuf and I greeted a large thirsty crowd who were anxious to taste and purchase this fine 2013 vintage.

Everyone agreed: it's one of the finest vintages in years - robust, a rich floral bouquet, balanced acidity and an incomparable freshness that only the Gamay grape can bring to the table. Once again, the Duboeufs have given me great freedom in creating this year's design which for me encompasses the fresh spirit and joy that this special wine brings to our lives.Vive le Beaujolais Nouveau !!

The New York Times ad which ran all week !

The posters in prominent display on the Sherry-Lehmann entrance.

One of the many case displays at Sherry-Lehmann.

My long-time friend, Franck Duboeuf, and myself.

The line was long til the end!

The crowds kept coming...


Those wonderful over-sized 'cork' sculptures were designed by Franck Duboeuf's very talented wife, Anne. She also installed a magnificent Christmas window display for Sherry-Lehman - don't miss seeing it!


'Jovial' says it all !

Monday, June 3, 2013

Art to Transport the Soul

'Colors of My Mind' - 30x40 in., acrylic fiber paper on canvas.

'Four Day Rider' - 30x40 in., acrylic, fiber on canvas.

'Horse and Rider' - 40x50 in., acrylic on canvas.

'Sunspots' - 30x40 in., acrylic, fiber paper on canvas.
I want the canvas to sing, to create a 'color sound' that will envelope the viewer - a perfect acoustic marriage of color and form. I want my art to cause a spell that transports the soul. Color that penetrates and surrounds the viewer in a state of ecstasy: a removal of now into suspension of time and place.
The true miracle of art is being able to transport and transcend our moments into timeless wonder.