Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Muse

Often, people ask me which model inspired and moved me the most as an artist. I have known many women and had many relationships but my answer is simple: LISA. My amazing, beautiful, incredible wife and best friend. We first began as an artist-model relationship. Upon my first meeting with her, I felt compelled to paint the figure again after a long drought. Her lines are exquisite, her looks are mesmerizing and her soul is deep. She also moves into graceful poses like no other model I've known. I painted nearly 40 paintings of her on canvas after our first session with many more to this day along with perhaps a couple hundred drawings and watercolors as well as a special limited edition lithograph printed at the famed Paris printing house, IDEM-Mourlot.  Below are just a few paintings of the extraordinary feeling she evoked out of me. My dear and close friend, Janet Hubbard-Brown, captured our relationship in the phrases of her brilliant poem written specifically for when Lisa and I were married:


.'Lisa' lithograph printed at the IDEM-Mourlot Atelier (Paris), 30x22 in. on Arches paper
'Lisa with Arms Overhead'      oil on canvas     23 x 27 in.

'Lisa Asleep'     acrylic on canvas     23 x 27 in.

'Lisa on Moroccan Tapestry'      acrylic on canvas     30 x 24 in. 

'Lisa with Stockings'      acrylic on canvas      27 x 23 in. 

'Lisa Reclined on Flowered Couch'   acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 in.

 'Lisa with Red Flowers'   acrylic on canvas     30 x 40 in.
 'Lisa in Striped Hat'      acrylic on canvas     27 x 34 in.

'Lisa Looking at the Sunset in Spain'  acrylic on canvas  44 x 34 in. 

'Lisa Gazing Out the Window'   acrylic on canvas    54 x 46 in. 

'Lisa in the Bath'      acrylic on canvas     34 x 42 in. 

'Lisa in Repose'     oil on canvas     23 x 27 in.